The Toolkit

The purpose of the toolkit is to share valuable findings from the research undertaken by the University of Hertfordshire and Food Standards Scotland which looked at what teenagers are eating and drinking at lunchtime outside of school and why.


We think it is important to understand whether the food and drink available near schools influences the diet of secondary school children; why they go to certain shops at lunchtime and what makes them choose certain foods. Young people need to feel able to ask pertinent questions about their food and to have the tools to help them make considered decisions when buying food at school or on the high street; we hope this toolkit enables them to make informed choices and helps shape a healthier future.

How to Use the Toolkit

Below are seven scenarios about secondary school students during their lunchtime break.

  1. Read the scenario.

  2. Click on each scenario for discussion points for you to discuss as a group, or to think about by yourself.

  3. Discuss the reasons why this might be important to discuss.

  4. Click the link to come back to this page and select the next scenario.